Black Market Organs

by JD Debris

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released October 30, 2016

JD DEBRIS - vocals, guitar, beats, keys
BODEK - keys, beats

All songs by JD Debris
All tracks produced by BODEK



all rights reserved


JD Debris Boston, Massachusetts

Electro-murder balladeer from the banks of the Mystic River, blending bitter poetry, streetwise Latin Soul, and lo-fi Pop hooks. Ex-boxer with endless melodies and notebooks full of rhymes making violent Pop for violent times.

Produced by BODEK, representing The Red Army of Our Lady of Fatima.
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Track Name: Coke Bust
she said don't get too comfortable don't leave yourself exposed
'cause i'm not really into breaking hearts i'm into making them explode
it doesn't take much to blow it but a drop of fear's enough
if i didn't love you baby then i'd hate your fucking guts
this is a coke bust this is a coke bust this is a plot to take you out
this is a coke bust this is a coke bust beyond a shadow of a doubt
this is the raw shit that you acknowledge only after your luck runs out
so clean out your closet empty your pockets
this is all that's left right now
pray if it helps you sleep at night but sleep's what you need least
'cause soon they'll be fingerpainting hearts with the fresh blood on the sheets
and now you're up all night thinking and it seems so obvious
you spent all your time making moves only to make a fucking mess
this is a coke bust
just because you clench your fists don't mean you got a grip on things
who's got his hand in the hornet's nest and who's setting up the sting?
so slip away undetected go and move on unannounced
if they get you down to numbers then there'll be a body count
Track Name: Maniac Cop
maniac cop
tonight he murdered a minority
oh and it leaves her heart so forlorn
'cause she hates abuses of authority
but she loves a man in uniform
now does that sicken you on principle?
20 odd years of being smothered?
do you start to feel invincible
with these bullets bouncing off you like rubber?
and all the loaded guns in the world all the pepper spray
couldn't stop me today
all the loaded guns in the world all the sharpened knives
couldn't stop me tonight
if you aren't always ready to attack
my man you better get your pulse checked
it's near impossible to relax
when everyone you meet is a suspect
i don't have friends i have accomplices
co-conspirators and comrades
we're not extremists man we're moderates
we don't believe the police are all bad
Track Name: Dirty Snow
he's got a trash can full of wadded-up tissues
she's got a webcam and daddy issues
he likes to watch her dance around with her nerves exposed
making angels in the dirty snow
he had a fiancee now he's got his computer
she says she's horny but she feels like she's neutered
and if you ask them when it all fell down
they'll tell you they don't know
because all that falls is dirty snow
first comes love then comes miscarriage
then come the flames for your nicholas sparks marriage
you can count the hours you can count the seconds
still the snow comes down at the moment you least expect it
he reads her update that says she's going away now
she's got a suitcase and she waits for the greyhound
she lights a smoke and counts the passing cars that come and go
as they melt away the dirty snow
he spends the weekend in the basement without her
'cause she's disappearing in the dark of the power outage
but he sees her when the lights go out and when his eyes are closed
and he sees her in the dirty snow
he's got a sawed-off and he watches her, waiting
when she starts to nod off
that's when he starts the spraying
and if you ask him what his motive was
he'll say he loved her so
and leaves her bleeding in the dirty snow
Track Name: Bloody Knuckles
bloody knuckles bloody knuckles one blood one body
bloody knuckles 2 bloods 1 cup
bloody knuckles bloody fingers bloody prints on the money
anything to get your blood pressure up
and every time you look in the mirror in the mirror
you're gonna know that you been in a fight
and every time you look in the mirror in the mirror
you're gonna have something to remember me by
bloody knuckles bloody knuckles every bloody mary morning
knuckles from a lacerated sky
bloody knuckles bloody knuckles till your blood stops flowing
blood soaked sprayed stained splattered and dried
and every time you look in the mirror in the mirror
you're gonna know that you been in a fight
and every time you look in the mirror in the mirror
you're gonna have something to remember me by
i ain't no manny pacquiao
but you don't ever have to doubt
i'll make you break your bloody hands
trying to knock my skinny ass out
bloody knuckles bloody knuckles fighting off the bloodsuckers
knuckles throwing uppercuts
bloody knuckles bloody knuckles we could be blood brothers
even though it's nothing but blood lust
Track Name: Panic Attack
whatever makes your life seem tragic
whatever keeps you up at night
even if your depression's manufactured
hey a girl's got to legitimize her plight
you feel your heart go bump da bump bump bump
and your breath go ay ee ay
but if you're seeking comfort in someone
know i ain't that type of guy
so when you feel me squeezing you tight
i ain't trying to make you cry
i just want to give you panic attacks
you can sell your happy pills to sad kids
or you can just flush them down the drain
there are different degrees of madness
but there is no such thing as sane
now everybody's an amateur psychologist
with a new affliction to diagnose
otherwise they're professional lobotomists
brushing pieces of cortex off their clothes
Track Name: In Every Dream Home, a Homicide
dream home dream home
in every dream home a homicide
you can hear her while she straightens her hair
singing along to aventura on her stereo
she's tough as nails but what other options are there?
you know that cholas can't be choosers in this barrio
the boy next door is flirting with a wink in his eye
trying to play the romeo but romeo must die
in every dream home a homicide
they say it's haunted so the rent is dirt cheap
man if i was a ghost i'd haunt a mansion not this shithole
living in sin with my young bride-to-be
she kissed me as i carried her over the threshold
i listen to the neighbors curse the featherweight fight
with a gun under my pillow as i lie awake tonight
in every dream home a homicide
you can hear them bumping soca downstairs
with those island rhythms vibrating the windows
the music's so loud but the landlord don't care
he just likes to watch the girls winding and grinding though
and one by one the girls all disappear from the scene
and no one knows their whereabouts
but everyone hears their screams
Track Name: Chalino's Ghost
the ghost across the table with the wifebeater and the rosary
fresh across the borderline
dehydrated and lonely
with his boots on the table
and his pistol pointed at the gringo
nobody knows his real name
but they all call him chalino
they all call him chalino
so where are you tonight chalino?
is that you in my sight chalino?
leave these suckers to die
and just fly palomito fly
he pulled into town the other day
floated out the back of a hearse
blasting savage california sounds from the year of your birth
he puffs on a cuban cigar
and when he exhales you can hear in his breath
savage california sounds transmitted from the year of your death
and the ghost across the table with the soda can and cuerno de chivo
he doesn't know where the hell he came from
but they all call him chalino
he's on the run from a dead cartel
since 1990 he's been racing
back when they'd stuff his corridos on cassette
like chorizo into casing
and so he moves to the oom pah pah
of the tuba and accordion
with the everlasting restlessness of a ghost trying to be born again
Track Name: Nightmare Beach
let's have a nightmare
waves are crashing while the seagulls screech
and the party's never stopping
she said she'd meet me on nightmare beach
where all the girls pop pills and go topless
there's a slasher on a black motorbike
there's a killer in the sunshine
he doesn't wait until nightfall to strike
he leaves the shore looking like it was red tide
on the beach
that's where we belong
on the beach
in a chemical fog
and all you spring breakers
and good-time fakers
you bleed on and on and on
even princesses get lonely sometimes
even foxes have frustrations
there's too much pressure and you can't unwind
i think you owe yourself a vacation
so hit the beach and have a nuclear blast
have some bacardi have some powder
i hope you party like tonight is your last
because his motorcycle roar is getting louder
Track Name: Little Miss Existential Crisis
all of my exes look like alexis texas
i can't help it if i've got my preferences
all of my exes are on antidepressants
i can't help it if the world is full of coincidences
i was going out looking to find a little miss existential crisis
going out out of my mind for a little miss existential crisis
i'll like her better if she lives in stormy weather
and her grip on sanity is tenuous
i'll treat her nicely because i'll relate precisely
yeah just keeping it together is so strenuous
i'm going out looking to find a little miss existential crisis
she can put her hand in mine
but she'll never get a grip on it
she could put her head on my shoulder
if there wasn't a chip on it
she could give me all her time she could give me all her trust
but i'm never going to pay it back and maybe that's because
all of my bitches look just like salem witches
but i'm subservient beneath their spells
all of my partners they seem completely heartless
but maybe i just don't know how to find a pulse
Track Name: Black Market Organs
cut me open with a rusty razor
cut me open with a pocketknife
my heart's ripe for the taking
it's literally yours tonight
don't you want a twenty-something's liver?
don't you want a pair of singer's lungs?
for a limited time only
you can get 2 for the price of 1
my black market organs
i would slice myself open for you
i don't need surgical precision
in the abdomen is close enough
i don't need anaesthesia
my mama raised me tough
you can fold me paper angels
you can fold me paper cranes
i can write you poems
on the surgeon's apron in bloodstains
from my black market organs
i would slice myself open for you
black market organs
i would slice myself open for you
black market organs
now let's take it to the operating room
black market organs
and i'll see you when this surgery's through